13 Nov 2015

Inner Sport Sock

New by Stag Hockey; the inner sport sock.

The main reason why it is better to wear a inner sport sock is skin irritation. Skin irritation can be caused by your shin guards.
It is better not to wear your shin guards on your skin.

The inner sport sock is made from Drytex Comfort;
High-performance technival fabric. Soft and smooth to the touch. the body produces heat and consequently moisture. DRYTEX Comfort is specially desgined to draw moisture away and keep your
skin fresh and dry.
Moisture control. Dry skin. Fresh body.

The inner sport sock is packed with one pair of white socks and one pair of royal blue socks.
Available in the following sizes:
XXS 25-30
XS 30-35
S 36-40
M 40-42
L 42-45
XL 46-48

25003I 10 (met logo) 25003I 73 (met logo)

29 Sep 2015

Slim Fit Bone Protector

Het nieuwe hockeyseizoen is weer begonnen, inmiddels heeft ieder team er alweer een paar wedstrijden opzitten!
Heb je gemerkt dat je toch een nieuw handschoentje nodig hebt, dat dit van vorig jaar echt niet meer kan of verplicht je coach je met een handschoentje te spelen?!

Probeer onze nieuwe bone protector; slim fit. Met deze beschermende handschoen merk je amper dat je bescherming draagt. De handschoen beschermt precies waar nodig want deze is voorzien van optimale vingerbescherming d.m.v. ‘dubbele kootjes’.


13 Aug 2015

Hockey District

Hockey District is a new hockeyshop in Amsterdam. They will open their doors next week!!

Go and give them a visit, they have a lot of our STAG collection 2015-2016.
Parnassusweg 205, Amsterdam

30 Jul 2015


The Fair STAG line is specially designed and made for STAG. In collaboration with Tuyu; specialist in fair trade accessories for daily use. The fabric is a mix of cotton and jute. Jute is an full biodegradable fabric and has a strong fiber. For making jute you don’t need irrigation and they almost don’t use fertilizers.

These STAG bags are by woman by hand in a fair trade workplace in Bangladesh. Next to a good income and a small amount of the profit, the woman get training and legal- medical help when needed. This will give them an independent life. With this new line of bags you invest in the growth of the workplace and you invest in the skills of the woman.

Recently STAG is working together with Nudge Holland. Nudge combines peoples and organisations to realize initiatives. De initiatives will provide a positive and permanent change in our society.
Check out their website and order your first Fair Shopper STAG.